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ThermoGenesis ECA Stack

thermogenesis ephedrine tabletsThermoGenesis ECA Stack is a proven weight loss tablet.  ThermoGenesis ECA Stack combines the potency of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin alongside a well respected brand.  ThermoGenesis ECA Stack is our most powerful fat burning tablet yet, with an amazing thirty mg of ephedrine in each capsule.

ThermoGenesis ECA Stack is one of the very strongest fat burning supplements on the market today.  With the high potency ingredients you’ll notice the fat burning and energy enhancing effects fast.

Strict pharmaceutical grade standards and high quality herbs ensure that ThermoGenesis delivers.  ECA stack fat burning and weight loss tablets give your metabolism a boost while also ensuring that your appetite stays in check.  Ephedrine is known to help suppress the appetite making craving control and portion reduction a breeze.

ThermoGenesis ECA Stack revs up your metabolism.  As ephedrine has thermogenic properties, you’re body’s core temperature is slightly raised meaning more calories are burned at every moment.  Add exercise and a healthy diet to the equation and you’ll experience heightened fat loss with greater rapidity than you ever thought possible.

Ephedrine also enhances physical performance and prowess as well as boosting concentration and mood.  ThermoGenesis ECA Stack gives you everything you want in a fat burner.  Better strength, stamina and energy combined with a potent fat reduction aid make this product the best of its kind.


-Rapid weight loss
-Powerful fat burner
-Enhanced energy
-Metabolic booster
-Mood elevator
-Thermogenic properties

ThermoGenesis ECA Stack combines the latest in high quality, naturally occurring ingredients alongside scientifically tested formulas in order to ensure that you get the powerful tablets you need.  Weight loss and fat reduction are made easy with ThermoGenesis’s synergistic blend.  Try ThermoGenesis today and experience the amazing power of an all-in-one fat burning combination.

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