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Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra ECA Stack

Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra ECA Stack is a full throttle weight loss pill designed to make weight loss and fat burning easier than ever.  Ephedra is the most potent fat loss pill on the market today and Hi-Tech’s unique formula will have you slim and toned in no time flat.

Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra ECA Stack has a scientifically formulated time-released component that allows you to lose weight throughout the day without experiencing the usual burnout or crash.  The ingredients in this unique blend make weight loss easy.

Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra ECA Stack destroys excess fat by incinerating deep tissue fat stores.  Moreover, this ephedra rich formula helps maintain energy levels and enhance physical performance.

Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra contains a whopping 30mg of Ephedra.  This is actually 5mg more than traditional fat burners.  Firestarter’s time released technology means that you’ll be burning calories all day long without loosing steam.

Hi-Tech Firestarter Ephedra ECA Stack Benefits:

-Increased metabolic rate
-Slowed serotonin absorption rates
-Food craving and portion control
-Lipase inhibitors
-Appetite suppression

These benefits all work to help you burn fat and shed pounds effortlessly.  Slowed serotonin absorption helps to keep you feeling full longer and appetite suppression works likewise to trick the body into feeling satiated on less.  Lipase inhibitors make fat harder to store on the body, meaning you will gain less from the calories you consume.

Firestarter will start working right away.  Within thirty minutes of taking your first pill you will notice increased energy and stamina.  This should last up to six hours.

Weight loss itself will be noticeable generally within the first week.  Although there is no set amount of weight loss, most people will see the weight start to melt off, particularly when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

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