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Kaizen Ephedrine

Kaizen ephedrine / Ephedra are brand name versions of these ephedrine and ephedra products. Ephedrine is a decongestant and bronchodilator and it swells and constricts blood veins in the nose and makes the lung airways wider, which allows the user to breathe easier.

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Ephedrine Tablets 50

Ephedrine Tablets is a site dedicated to the ultimate fat burner – ephedrine.  Ephedrine is the number one pick among many pro athletes and competitive bodybuilders.  Ephedrine provides the ultimate thermogenic process so that your body burns maximum fat even at a stand still.  Combined with proper […]

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Ephedrine Tablets 150

Ephedrine 150 Tablets are some of the most powerful diet and weight loss pills on the market today.  Ephedrine has a well known reputation for being highly effective when it comes to releasing unwanted fat. Ephedrine tablets are derived from the plant source Ephedra sineca.  This derivative, […]

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Ephedrine Tablets 100

Ephedrine or ephedra tablets are diet and weight loss aids.  Derived from the natural plant species Ephedra sinica, these potent tablets allow for dramatic weight loss results. Ephedrine, also known in traditional Chinese medicine as Ma Huang, has been used for centuries to treat congestion and other […]

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Ephedrine Tablets 200

Ephedrine 200 Tablets can help you reach your diet and fitness goals.  Ephedrine is a well known weight loss substance that comes from the plant species Ephedra sineca.  This amphetamine like substance is a powerful energy booster and metabolic rate enhancer. Ephedrine helps to suppress the appetite […]

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